Beef Tartare

Piedmontese Beef Tartare, Paerà sauce from its marrow, semi-dry tomatoes, buffalo ricotta

Courgettes Flower

Sheep's ricotta and cream saffron drops

The perfect egg

62°C egg, in asparagus foam, black trouffle caviar and almond wafer

Pink prawn carpaccio

Coral mayonnaise, stracciatella, avocado cream and lime asparagus

Bra sausage


Vitello tonnato


And the three mayonnaises


Red turnip marinade, goat's milk yoghurt, spinach and gattaiu

Selection of Cured meats

Focaccia and pickled vegetables

Hand-Cut Premium Selection Iberian Ham Bellota
tomato bread and avocado

Our selection of Puglia

Regional cheeses with honey and jams

Cantabrian anchovy, toasted bread and butter

First courses

Tubettoni Gragnano

Roasted leeks cream, glasswort and sea urchins

The Tagliolini

Cooked in shellfish bisque, roasted prawns, cuttlefish brunoise and lime sauce

Spaghettone Armando

Cacio cheese, peppers and citrus zests


With squacquerone cheese, drops of wild rocket and crunchy Patanegra


Filled with asparagus and mascarpone cheese, cherry tomato, pistachio pesto and crunchy bacon


With datterino cream, dark eggplant, basil and salted ricotta

Main courses

Veal cheek

Celeriac and its gremolada jus

Ribeye of Scottona

Sautéed spinach and foie gras

Cockerel pieces

Potato millefeuille, carrot and parmesan flan

Bombette pugliesi

Larded asparagus and BBQ roasted escarole

Cociniglio pork belly

Red Porto jus, baked radicchio lacquered with honey, paprika and pomme nature with smoked butter

Silver foil

Black cod fillet and baked Maediterranea style

Sea Bass Royale

Courgette spaghetti, seafood and their bisque


Riso al Salto

Parmesan fondue and veal ristretto


Milanese risotto and bone marrow

Milanese veal cutlet

rosemary and potatoes


Baked potatoes

Dried vegetables with oregano

Mixed salad

Catalan camoni tomato salad

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